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Paint Your Own Pottery

 Let your creative side run free!  Choose from a large variety of pottery options, and browse our numerous paint colors, to customize your own unique piece. We will fire your pottery in our kiln. Once it is ready, we will call you to pick it up. It is now safe for the microwave, and dishwasher. 


We regularly change our inventory, so we cannot guarantee we will have all pieces pictured on our site in stock to paint. Custom orders and requests are always welcome!


All of our pricing includes everything and varies based on the specific piece you choose. There are no extra fees besides tax!
Mugs: $21-$27
Plates: $19-$24
Bowls: $21-$32
Miniatures and Animal Figurines: $3-$17
Decorative: $17-$49
Planters: $14-$29

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